Build with a screen for under 850?

Hi guys, I'm building a pc for a friend, and he needs a screen, keyboard and mouse with it.

He's using this for gaming, and he lives in the states.

I played my hand, .

What'll this run on bf3, far cry 3, cod bo2 and minecraft?
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  1. whats his budget? And i will give you a better pc parts
    and the psu you chose is just terrible
  2. the budget is 850 before rebates.
  3. Can i get a suggestion on a new psu then?
  4. 650 is bit too much, he only needs a 500w, even if he is ocing right?
  5. well theres the xfx 550w bronze its good
    sorry i forgot about you :p
    but theres too many ppl asking these days i cant keep up

    So this is what he'll be buying, is it all good?
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