Having a spot of confusing trouble.

Hey guys hows it going :)
Need a bit of advice really, I have 2 identical computers.

Intel i3 @ 3.3ghz.
450w PSU
Gigabyte B75 Mobo
8gb RAM

The problem is, i bought each computer a HD 7750.
One computer is mine and the card has been in for well over a month with no problems.
The second computer is my brothers and the card was a present for christmas (as was the computer)
Since the computer has been setup there has been nothing but problems.
The computer works fine bar the sound, Its connected via HDMI cable (as is my own which works fine)
And all drivers are up to date, yet the computer says the HDMI audio isn't plugged in, which it is as the display is working off the HDMI too!, I think i may have whittled this down to being the drivers conflicting between the AMD audio drivers and the realtek HD audio drivers, haven't test this theory yet as this isn't the main problem.
Also , at random and irrelevant times, the monitor will go completely black. Computer still sounds as it is running but nothing will bring the screen back apart from a hard restart. Now after much research this sounds like a Power problem? Possibly a faulty PSU?
Just wondering what you guys think and if you have any suggestions or solutions :) I dont mind paying for a new PSU as long as that is going to be the cause of the problem. Just confusing as my computer is identical in every single way without any of these problems.

Thankyou everyone! :D
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  1. have you tried a different HDMI cable? Maybe put yours on this system and see if the problems still exist.
  2. I'll 2nd that, HDMI cables can be finickey, and as you can get them for cheap (well.. cheap online, they are still crazy expensive in stores) it would probably be a good starting point.

    PSU is likely fine.

    The other option is that it could be a bad GPU. Rare, but it does happen. Try plugging his GPU in your system and see if you come across the same issues, and if not then try your GPU in his and see what happens.

    If you seriously think it is an audio driver issue (unlikely the way that win vista/7/8 handle audio feeds) then you can always go into BIOS and disable the onboard audio, or in the Windows Hardware Manager and disable the audio from there and see if that fixes it. But this is much more likely a cable or card problem.
  3. Okay guys a little bit more info.

    I have tried a few HDMI cables with the same result so i can rule that out, plus he's using the same cable in an older card (GT520)
    which works perfectly, sound and screenwise.

    It also cant be the card itself, I swapped his with my identical one that i knew worked and it did the same problems. I'm still using the one out of his and its working perfectly in my computer.
  4. Please anybody? I'm thinking its something to do with the actual computer thats playing up, i've emailed the company about getting it checked out under warranty but yet to receive a reply due to the time of year.

    Can anyone offer anymore suggestions as to what it COULD be? Thanks
  5. Does your computer put out any audio at all? If you plug in a pair of speakers into the onboard audio does it still give you trouble? or do you get a big fat nothing?

    Rt click on the speaker
    playback devices
    be sure that your HDMI output is enabled and set up as the default device
    reset the computer (not required, but oddly helps sometimes)
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