Cant get it to work :(

I have a geforce gt610 that I am trying to install. My pc is an Asus CM5571. Installed and when I turned on my pc I have no signal in both the onboard and graphic card. Did some research and came to the conclusion that my psu wasnt strong enough. Max 300w. I got a coolmax v-600 600w psu and installed it. Now I still have the same problem. I made sure the card was seated properly as well. If i take the card back out it works fine with the onboard slot. This is the only PC I have available to test the card on. Im wondering if I have a bad card(its new, just got it on Christmas). Any suggestions and insight would be much appreciated.
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  1. Faulty card
  2. Replace the card.
  3. ok thanks for the replys. I went and exchanged it for another one and am still having the same issue. Dumb question. Does it matter that I am using DVI? Every other forum Ive read people are using VGA. just a thought being analog vs digital. dont have a VGA on hand to test it.
  4. Im thinking it is the PSU vga and dvi are not going to make a difference.
  5. It doesn't matter using VGA or DVI.
    That PSU seems good.
    The problem lies somewhere else.
  6. anything else i should try. when i boot the pc the fan on the graphics card does spin.
    could it be a bad pci slot?
  7. Yes. Well I would imagine so. The graphics card doesnt require a pci-e power connection. the power going to the mobo is all connected the way it is supposed to be. one thing i did notice was that the 24 pin connector was really a 20 pin connector with a 4 pin connector with it. when i first installed the psu i didnt have the little 4 pin connector seated properly. so i redid that part and now everything is plugged in properly and snuggly.
  8. Got it to work. Went into BIOS and disabled the integrated card and all is well thanks for all the replys!
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