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After installation of graphics card I lost video output

I was running a ATI Radeon 5450 with a 300 power supply and I replaced those with a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 ti and a Antec 450W power supply. The steps I took were:

uninstall the 5450 card (pretty sure this was successful because the resolution changed to 800x600)

shut down and remove old power supply, taking note of where the cables were plugged into the motherboard and installing the new power supply.

removed the old card

put in the gtx 660

and then turned it on.


I then realized I didn't connect the two 6 pins for power on the new card. So I connected the power and tried again.


Tried resetting the BIOS by removing the battery


after that I tried putting the old card back in and still NO VIDEO OUTPUT

I tried to connect the vga from the motherboard to a monitor and it still didnt give a signal

Could the new power supply be the problem if everything seems powered?
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  1. hello... do all your fans turn on power supply, video card, cpu? when you press the power button? is the cpu-motherboard power plug in?
  2. All the fans spin, video card and cpu included. I have the 16 pin power plugged in.

    Since I last posted I tried putting my old power supply back in and I still don't get any video.
  3. hello... did you plug in the 4 pin CPU-Motherboard connector?
  4. Hi, yea I did that one also.
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    hello... try to boot with 1 memory stick? do the wire colors match pin to pin between the old powersupply and the new one? I have seen where some OEM low watt supplies have switched some wires around from ATX connector standards... hope not the case for you...
  6. there is an extra pink cord on the old power supply's 24 pin connection to my motherboard and the new power supplys 4 pin connection to the mother boards yellow cables have a black stripe down them while the old power supply's are solid yellow.

    I am not sure what you mean by booting with 1 memory stick?
  7. hello... Is windows booting? harddrive activity? and just no Video? seen that before...

    Is the switch on the Power Supply on?

    Do you have a bad POWER cable to your Power Supply?

    Do you have power to your POWER cable to your Power Supply?

    Do you have memory sticks? and how many?

    boot means to "start the Computer"
  8. Thank you for your time IronSounds. I end up taking it to a repair place.

    I had three 2gb sticks and it turns out one was bad, also the 450W power supply wasn't enough for the new card and system.
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