Is this desktop worth it?

im looking to get a new desktop but not sure what to look for i went on a website and you can custom make the desktops... some are already made to fit specific games, so i clicked the WOW desktop thats able to play that game in Ultra high settings (i dont play the game but using it as a guide i want to play mainly browser games and maybe play WOW in the future and LOL. the price for it without moniter etc is £699

is this a good price for the specifications? any advice on what desktop to get if not this... i would like something that is going to last a few years but have no idea on desktops and such since this is my first one...

any help would be great thanks
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  1. Nope, that's pretty bad.

    If you just want browser games, you need nothing like that.

    We'll need a bit more information to help you:

    -Your max budget
    -Game names
    -Do you feel comfortable building a computer
    -Do you need an operating system
    -Country where this will be purchased.
  2. -Your max budget? £800 with moniter (the less the better would like to get it as soon as possible and have £600 now so the more it costs the longer to get it) not sure if i will need that price range if the games i want to play dont need the desktop specs. basically cheaper the better lol
    -Game names? Minecraft, World of warcraft, world of tanks, GTA 4
    -Do you feel comfortable building a computer? No
    -Do you need an operating system? Yes
    -Country where this will be purchased? UK
  3. None of those games are very demanding.
    I'd suggest this build:
    Or the AMD one:

    (I've got to go right now, I'll finish it later.)
  4. Here is the AMD one:
    The Intel Build will be about 50% better, but it's quite a bit more expensive.

    Both of them should be able to play all your games.
  5. Both links just take me to a screen were it asks what i want to configure Desktop or Laptop?
  6. Crap.

  7. ^AMD


    I didn't feel like making an account to save the configurations, so here they are.
  8. Thanks for this :)... have any idea what moniter to get or a price estimate for one? also the intel will it run games like call of duty on lower settings?
  9. The Intel one should run Black Ops 2 maxed out on a 1920x1080 monitor.(With 60 FPS)

    As far as a monitor is concerned, I am not sure. (Not my specialty.)

    However, I would look for something along these lines:
    60 Hz Refresh Rate
    22-27 inches. (55-68 centimeters)
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