Best graphics cards $50- 75 range

Need help on picking a graphics card around the hopefully around the $50 -$75 range

Processor: Intel Celeron G540
Mobo: RSI H61M-E33 (W8)
Ram: 4 Gigs DDR3 1066 mhz
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  1. Get hd 6670 1gb at $65 at newegg
  2. ^Yes, a HD6670 is your best bet. If you're lucky, it will even be a deal on a GDDR5 version.
  3. GT 640 is better than even the GDDR5 HD 6670:
  4. Ironslice said:
    GT 640 is better than even the GDDR5 HD 6670:

    Not really. In Tom's review of the GT 640, the GDDR5 HD 6670 was about 10% faster on average. The DDR3 version is slower than that of course, but... you can get a GDDR5 HD 6670 for $1 less than the GT 640 at Newegg (shipping included).,3214.html
  5. Thanks for the input you guys.

    I decided to buy this one off of amazon

    I went with this because I am really on a tight budget and needed to buy other things like extra case fans etc.

    My amazon prime account helps alot especially for free two-day shipping. I ordered yesterday. All of my parts come in thursday. So I will let you guys know my performance later
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