Will it run bf3 max at 30+ frames

this is my build, any recomended changes? I'm on a budget and this is about as expensive as I want to go, is there an AMD processor that wouldn't bottleneck the GPU? OS is open for discussion also I want a wide screen monitor but bezel has allways annoyed me, what do you recommend for that as well? is there a really wide monitor that won't break the bank ie. 200 ish dollars? Thanks for the input, I've heard conflicting things about AMD processors so I wanted people to give input with regards to my specific build. Thanks again
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  1. theres no list?
    Where you live and whats your budget
  2. Hi there, check out the link below, fill out the template and post back, with that info we can help you better.

  3. I live in the us, there was an I5 2500k a 7770g 2gb ghz edition 8gb ram a cheap 500 watt modular psu a simple blu ray cd and dvd player and zalman z5 plus
  4. sorry for not filling out template didn't know it exsisted
    Purchase within the month
    700ish usd budget, will raise to 750 if there is a big performace increase
    system use from most to least important: Gaming, movies, surfing the internet, word processing
    Yes Im gettting a monitor
    I live in Arlington Va (near DC)
    Need an OS, win 7 or 8 is fine
    no preffered website
    Intel over amd for processors if possible
  5. If that "cheap" PSU was a Raidmax, oh hell no. If it was an Antec (although I think theirs is 550W) ok. If it was a Corsair "Builder," meh, but the other parts wouldn't be stressing it.
    For BF3, for a few dollars more, I'd get a GTX650Ti over a HD7770.
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