Building My own Case from Scratch

I am creating a case from scratch. I plan on turining it into an M1A1 Abrahms Tank. I was wondering if you guys think this is cool and if you guys had any ideas for me?
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  1. Starting out I would highly suggest getting a motherboard back plane to work with. That will give you all of the ATX spec measurements for your motherboard mounts, card slots, and rear IO. Then build whatever custom case you want around this back plane to make the actual case/housing look however you want it to.

    Something like one of these (though if you hunt around more than the 30sec I did I am sure you can find something better):

    I assume you have tools for metal folding and working?
  2. @ OP - this kinda work has already been performed which can be found on casemodblog. Its a lil futuristic but designed around the idea of a tank and ofc there are others found here

    ^ wasn't a poke or sarcasm - Google's your friend here + you'll need some good amount of tools for achieving the mod.
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