Computer is Rebooting or Freezing When Playing Games

I've recently built my first computer with these specs:

CPU: AMD FX 8350
MOBO: AsRock 970 Extreme4
RAM: Crucial 8gb 1600
GPU: Radeon 7870
PSU: Corsair 500w 80+ bronze

I've tested the RAM overnight and had no error, also have done prime95 and furmark test, also without any errors. Before having the 7870, I had a nvidia geforce gt 610 and it also caused my pc to randomly reboot, and after I got the 7870, I didn't have any issues for a day or two, but the problem is starting to happen again. Sometimes I can play games for an hour and sometime it will reboots after a few minutes. Happens when I play Planetside 2, Witcher 2, and Sleeping Dogs. I've seen that the problem might be PSU, but I was wondering when I was using the GT 610, wouldn't that take less power, but it still caused my pc to reboot. Also my temperatures seem fine.
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  1. check for viruses maybe
  2. Please post full system specs before we can help shoot down errors.
    ^will post back after your feedback.
  3. CPU: AMD FX 8350
    CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 plus
    MOBO: AsRock AM3+ 970 Extreme4
    RAM: Crucial 8gb 1600
    GPU: MSI Twin Frozr Radeon 7870
    PSU: Corsair 500w 80+ bronze
    HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1 TB
    Case: Thermaltake Versa II
    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
  4. 1| make sure all your connections are properly made
    2| make sure your case is grounded and also if there aren't any unnecessary screw/standoffs touching the backside of the mobo to short it out.
    3| by 8GB is that a mix/matched set or a kit i.e: 2x4GB or 4x2GB layout
    4| cooler backplate installation done properly?

    if all test came out positive then this leads me suspect that you're having a short in your case.

    what other games dya play?
  5. Those games are pretty much it. Also it is 2X4GB. When putting the board on standoffs, is there supposed to be some sort of rubber washer between the mobo and the stand for it to lay on? And if its a short problem, would it cause my pc to reboot when not playing a game, because when I'm browsing or just watching videos, it runs perfectly fine.
  6. So you're saying the rig reboots when you tax it right? No overclocks? What are the voltages set in your BIOS? I'm yet saying there is something to do with the build not the parts.

    Shoot it! post a pic of your innards as is now!

    * you sure the case came w/o a Tt PSU?
  7. Yea pretty much and I'm not overclocked, everything is stock in bios.

    Uploaded with
  8. stock as in Auto?
  9. I'm no expert in the AMD department but could you dig up the specs/voltage requirements on your system and input the bare minimum for your devices i.e key in the voltages for you components. Dimms should be 1.65v unless they're form 2009 :P

    Manually input the voltages and timings for your rams as well.

    * as for the picture you posted, the wires and the case don't seem like an issue in the temp dept by the looks of it though. So we can possibly rule out overheating issue.
  10. The only thing i could recognize in the bios was changing the RAM timing, but it was already matched it was supposed to be. It says its only supposed to be 1.5v, should I increase it still?
  11. Input the info off the sticker that's located on the Ram module. The first 4 can me maually inputted into BIOS the rest can be left alone on auto.

    example 7-7-7-21
    if sticker says 1600MHz at 1.5v then its 1.5v
  12. Alright thats what I set it too. Did a quick try of a game and it rebooted in 10 mins.

    Think it might really be the PSU? When I bought it, the guy said it would be enough for my system. could he have been wrong?
  13. I tried disabling the vdroop or load line calibration, since I saw someone attempt to that on theirs and it fixed their problem. With it off, I played for a couple hour almost thinking it was fixed and then it crashed.
  14. When you mentioned " that guy" do you mean the unit was bought 2nd hand or brand new? You're power req's are less than the PSU delivery.

    But there could be a possibility your PSU was faulty to begin with. If you've got a spare PSU from a pal to try out, give it a whirl and post back with your findings.

    However, please note that with each new setting you seem to be achieving longer stability :)
  15. lol true. By guy, I mean salesman, all of my parts are brand new. I think I might head to the computer store later and see if I can exchange my power supply. Since its pretty far, you think I should try to exchange any other parts that might be the likely culprit?
  16. well that answer will come if I knew what else was causing the issue. Have tried breadboarding the components? Meaning taking all of them out and having them atop your counter top with only the essentials like the OS HDD, one stick of ram and the GPU. If you have onboard graphics, you can leave out the 7870.
  17. I haven't tried leaving just one, but maybe this will help indicate something, when my pc reboots, the critical errors I get on event viewer is 6008 and 41
  18. Sorry for no updates for awhile. I ended up exchanging my psu and ram, and been testing for a week to see how it run. Other than a couple freezes on fallout 3, which I think it from mods, I had no random reboots, hopefully it stays like that lol. I appreciate all the help though
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