Ati 7750 problem

so i have ati 7750 1 gb ddr5 oc edition and all was fine since few days ago , some strange flickering started at my monitor and games started to work really really bad ,, fps droped about 25-30 fps ,, so i updated my drivers and all was fine again until i restart my pc ,, all goes wrong again , same stuff , monitor flickers and games run baaad ,, pls help i dont know what to do :(
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  1. it would be helpful if you could post your system specs.
    in this way we would end up making less of assumptions and more of solutions
  2. Post your whole system specs.
  3. ok guys my specs ,,, are amd fx-6300 six core oc(4.2),,6gb ram ,, ati sapphire-7750 oc 1gb ddr5, psu:650W corsair
  4. Uninstall the drivers and use drive sweper software and then install driver see then what happens
  5. also try running prime 95 for a hours to see if your cpu (oc) is stable enough
  6. the cpu is stable .. i tried whit drive sweper , and it didnt helped , its all the same ,, i noticed when i uninstal amd catalyst and not drivers its kind of fixed ,, but i dont know :( ,, maybe the card is broken ,, even i think its something whit drivers and stuff ..
  7. boot into windows safe mode and use this link to guide you:

    try updating windows components especially visual c++ and .net framework. download a fresh fully updated installer package from amd website and re install it to see if that works.
  8. nop .. ;( ,, maybe i should reinstall windows ?
  9. well you might try doing that as well...a fool proof method to ensure that there is no software bugs.

    just make sure immediately after re installing windows, install only necessary the drivers and then run the games and see the results. thereafter you can move on to installing other software as you please.

    all the best.
  10. tnx very much for your help :) ,,,, even i didnt yet solve problem , u were all kind , tnx once more :) , if u maybe know something more , let me know ,, and i wanna ask could it be maybe graphic card ? .. maybe its broken or something ?
  11. the only way to find that out for sure would be to try your card out on another machine
  12. yeah ,, i guess i should do that ^^ ,, ill let u know in few days
  13. ok i got new windows and games work like before :) ,, but i still have strange flickering only in games, not when am on desktop ??
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