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Please don't judge my serious lack of knowledge on this topic :P

My CyberPower PC arrived at my house this past Tuesday, but I didn't buy a monitor because I thought I could use my TV. The computer has outputs for VGA, DVI, and HDMI, while the TV has inputs for VGA and HDMI.

It is my understanding that I cannot use the VGA output on my computer, because only the DVI and HDMI outputs are on the video card. I have an HDMI cord that I connected to the computer and the TV, but I cannot get a display using HDMI or PC as a source. The computer is preloaded with Windows 7, but I obviously have not been able to enter my product key to install it.

Someone told me that the TV will not be able to recognize my computer through the HDMI cord because HDMI is only used for transferring video from a DVD player, etc. Is this the case? If so, what is the better choice: getting a DVI to VGA cable, or a DVI to HDMI cable? Can I even use a TV as a primary monitor, or do they only work as a second monitor?

I thought doing this would be easier. I guess I'm pretty clueless. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. You can use a TV as a monitor, i do so myself.

    HDMI is also fine, this is what i use.

    It could be possible there is an issue with the machine.

    It could be possible you need to install the drivers for the video card.

    Do you or a friend have a monitor you can use just to check the system is working ok?
  2. As mike said, it should work, many people hook their tv's to the pc.

    You can try to hook up the vga ports. If for some reason the discrete gpu is not working/installed/disabled, the on board gpu should work. This will let you look at the installed componets/drivers.
  3. I know very little myself but I have used my tv to watch netflix that my pc was streaming (before I got an xbox).
    I just drew a diagram of the different hookups on the graphics card (this is how bad I am at this) and pics of what hookups my tv had. I went to Radioshack and bought a cord that matched the ends (1 for the tv, 1 for the computer).
    When I hooked it up, it took a little playing around under the display (if I remember correctly) in the control panel but I got it to work.
    I'm getting a new PC and if the cord I bought doesn't work, I plan to use the same approach to buy another cord that will allow me to watch things on my tv from my pc.
  4. Hi bethers,
    Please make sure that you are connected to your discrete graphics card and are not using the onboard video ports (some motherboards do have onboard VGA, DVI and HDMI). As for some available connections that you can use instead of a HDMI cable is a DVI to HDMI cable (DVI from your PC and HDMI to your TV). In regards to your question about being able to use a TV as a primary screen, yes that is possible. However, most will agree that you achieve a better picture and text display from a PC monitor. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our technical support at 888/900-5180.
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