560ti or 650ti

which should i choose the palit 650ti oc'ed or the 560ti dcu ii top ?

is pci-e 3.0 will be a big advantage over the 560ti ? i do have a pcie 3.0 board and proc .

many thanks TOmshardware !
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  1. 560 ti is better than the 650ti, and no, the pcie 3.0 is useless for such card.
    Still i recommend looking for a 660 gtx, it will be the best, i bet it will not cost much more.
  2. my money limits me only at those two cards , thanks i will get the 560ti :)

    i will be running that card @ 1366x768 resolution , gta 4
    ,bf3 , black ops 2 and the coming gta 5 ,
  3. What is your PSU??

    560ti is better.
  4. corsair gs600 :)
  5. It's a good psu, you're fine, the 560 ti even for that resolution is still the best card.
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