Building My own Case from Scratch

I am creating a case from scratch. I plan on turining it into an M1A1 Abrahms Tank. I was wondering if you guys think this is cool and if you guys had any ideas for me?
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  1. Wow sounds awesome. Gonna be hard but I wish you luck. You should have a rotating turret on top of the case lol.
  2. The tank has low profile, wide base, and it is would be very nontraditional case...unless it will be sitting on its rear pointing up....
    You can probably start with a base(mid case) and use mini case for turret....i would go for something that has small base and it is tall like a transformers...
  3. It'll probably be easier to buy the tank and put the computer in it that to build the entire thing yourself.
  4. That sounds awesome. I've thought about buying a cheap case, stripping the plastic off and building something from the ground up myself but I wonder how much work that would involve.
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