Radeon 7770 vs 6790

Hello, I can buy either of these cards but i'm not sure which one because looking at hwcompare.com the 6790 is about twice as good as the 7770 even though the power consumption is 150w but so many people recommend the 7770. Why would people recommend the 7770 over a 6790? Wouldn't the 6790 give you more fps?
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  1. Well the texel and pixel rate on 7770 is 20% better but the memory bandwidth is almost twice as much and that is how fast the card is so what does that do
  2. Also I have a 1440x900 monitor but I usualyl stick with 1280x1024
  3. Get the 7770. It will even play well on your higher resolution monitor.
  4. 7770

    The 6790 was a gimmick that didn't work. Stay away.
  5. Can someone explain to me what memory bandwidth does then? i'm convinced for the 7770 but that memory bandwidth being twice as much bothers me as I could get the 6790 for just $70 a very great deal I found
  6. I can't explain memory bandwidth in great detail but I can provide a good example.

    After all the patches and updates to the 7xxx series the Radeon 7770 (128-bit) is only 1 or 2 FPS slower than my Radeon 6850 (256-bit). Both have 1gb of VRAM but both are pretty equal.
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