Microsoft Natural Elite Keyboard discontinued. Now what?

Sorry about having to put this into the systems category, this is the best slot I could find...

I managed to break the leveling foot off of the back of my Microsoft Natural Elite USB keyboard. Went to try to find a new one, and lo and behold, it's discontinued!

Figures. Why keep making a good thing when marketing hype can be upsold and a higher price right?

This leaves me in a bad way. I REALLY like my keyboard, and want a keyboard that is as comfortable. I am making do with an Adesso TruForm, it's close, but not close enough...

Has anyone else found a good replacement for this keyboard?
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  1. Any chance you could snap a picture of the leveling feet? I have a very similar microsoft keyboard here. I'd be happy to send them to you if they would work.
  2. I'll snap one and post it when I get home tonight...
  3. Let's see if Google will let me do this. Sorry I used to have my photos hosted on Webshots, but they changed up and screwed me up in December... Haven't found a photo host I am happy with yet.

    Okay the image won't embed directly for some reason, but the link to the image works...
  4. Okay, so I'm an idiot and I forgot to check back on this! I definitely have a very similar if not exact set of feet on one I have here. If you still need them, PM me your address and I will send them out to you. Again I apologize for not getting back!
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