Computer freezing when starting games.


I've have a problem with my computer for the past month that went from minor to only being able to access the internet in safe mode.

At first I was getting the "<interrupted second processor interval>" blue screen. Though I do not overclock and it seemed to go away after it happened two times in 20 days.

Almost a few days after the last blue screen I then got a buzzing noise (from my speakers) as my computer froze while playing a game. When I started the computer again and opened a few programs, I then got a Red Screen. This persisted a few times.

Then the computer would just freeze up every 30 seconds for about 10 seconds, telling me that the Video Adapter Kernal crashed and recovered each time.

This occurred for hours after I attempted to start over and over again, trying different things.

Now when I attempt to start games, I get wierd lines like it's having trouble drawing things, and getting very low FPS if I am able to actually load a game.

Whenever I start a program it starts to slow down, and perhaps slow until there's a black screen for a few seconds and it returns. That or it doesn't load something. This doesn't really happy if I just load a folder or the internet (providing there's no video there).

No freezes so far in safe mode, and it only seems to get agitated when I try to access a program that uses the GPU.

Is it my graphics card going out or something even more serious?

Here are my specs:

670 FTW GPU EVGA x2 in crossfire
3930k Processor
32GB Ram
2 1TB Hard drives
Sabre Tooth x79 Mobo

Here's what I've done:

Updated drivers for the GPU

Had the drivers roll back to several months ago since that didn't work

Had a system restore back to 12/24

Here's what I had an idea of doing, but couldn't figure out:

Update Bios (The new flash bios thing is something I can't figure out; I'm not tech savy)

Take my GPU out and put them in different slots (they are locked in by something other than the screws, and I can't figure it out; my brother's friend originally built this computer with my parts, but he's unavailable for at least a week).

So essentially, I'm wondering if the original blue screen could be caused by the GPU processors? If they could effect the GPU if not, or likewise?

I'm just not sure what's going on as a whole; almost everything is less than 7 months old, so I'm pretty sure they're still under warranty. Though I'm not sure exactly just what needs to be replaced if anything, or how to go about finding out.

Thanks for any help offered. :)

Also: There are times when windows won't even load into desktop and just hangs on "welcome"; this doesn't happen with safe mode, though. If I press cntl alt del it make go to a black screen for a minute before taking me there as if it won't draw or something (or maybe lag?) It doesn't lag when I bring up folders (it quickly does that) or the internet (so long as there's not a video).

The last time that it went to a colored screen, it seemed to be more orange/brownish than red for some reason.
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  1. Just an update: I let it ran on Safe Mode for the night and there was no instability. When I restarted it normally it was fine for about a minute before another redscreen took over.
  2. Deleted some programs and changed the background screen. It seemed to work for a moment as it ran a benchmark with a good score.

    When I booted up a game, it froze again.

    Switched the background to change every 10 seconds and it allowed for me to play a game for about 10 minutes on high without freezing; froze for about 30 seconds and then allowed me to play another 20 minutes as I ran virus scan again.

    They both ran for that duration until the slow downs and frequent freezing of the screen; the mouse could still move throughout most of it.
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