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Hey. I bought a new GFX card for xmas and i am a gamer. My old one was a Radeon HD 5670 512mb and my new one is a GeForce GTX 650ti 2gb. When i put the new GFX card in my computer, i just installed the new drivers over the old GFX drivers. My old GFX card seems to be running the games smoother than the new one. Is there any way to test if its running at its full spec?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If it is getting normal frame rates then it is.
  2. need to un install the radeon drivers and the nvidia drivers and exit windows... plug in Nvidia card... re start windows and if windows didn't install a driver for your card re install the NIvida driver program...

    the new card is a faster card than your HD...

    are you using a DVI or HDMI cable and input?
    what resolution are you running?
  3. So i just uninstall the both drivers and install the drivers i got with the new card?

    How do i uninstall both drivers then? I cant find the Radeon one in "control panel / uninstall a program" window.

    Using DVI and VGA to dual monitor.

    Running 1600x900 on my desktop. But ive turned it down in games to make them run smoother.
  4. Use driver sweeper software
  5. So if i just remove all my AMD display drivers using Driver Sweeper that should sort out my problem?
  6. Yes it can.but not 100%.just use that
  7. I did. And i reinstalled mt new gfx drivers. Doesnt seem to be any difference :(
  8. To solve it -just format windows and reinstall windows and install nvidia gpu drivers
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