Do I have enough Watts?

I'm thinking of upgrade to a GTX 660 and my current card is a Radeon HD 5770. They both require the same amount of watts which is 450w and I have a 460w. The Radeon and the Power supply both came with the computer. Here is my computer
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  1. 460w is duable 500w to be on the safe side
  2. 450w is more than enough, it max power drawn from the card is 140w, the recommendation is a 450w psu.
    The 5770 consumes a bit less than a 660 gtx, but it might do for that psu, it's not a huge difference that will make the psu shutdown or burn.
  3. you should be fine, i have a 430w psu on my 660ti overclocked. It's all smooth sailing.
  4. Alright thanks guys, Im also thinking about getting the NVGA GTX 650 TI cause I don't seem to have enough for the GTX 660
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