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Good evening, since I wont be doing any gaming on my Gateway DX4200. Can I just upgrade the video card only and not the power supply, and what type of card should I buy? (i'm just trying to get my screen to fill the monitor with a HDMI cable, and I was told upgrading the card would "fill the screen". PLEASE HELP LOL
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  1. Well, it depends on your power supply model and how many watts it will provide. Give me a more specific model and I'll look it up.
  2. Well, the lowest power supply wattage for a DX4200 is 300 watts so I guess you could squeeze a 7750 in there as long as you won't be doing anything graphics intensive. At all.

    Sapphire Radeon 7750 $105
  3. Thank you ,that definitly helps! Will the change in graphics card automatically make my monitor "full screen"? That's the whole purpose of this mission LOL. It baffles me that I have a 22" lcd Acer but it has 1" borders around it. I've done everything possible in the control panel and nothing works.
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