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As the thread implies, I'm having video lag issues: i.e. watching movies and the video and sound are off, choppness as I'm playing LOL, etc. The issue started after hooking up a new monitor. I was hoping for an explanation for this issue and maybe a fix.

750W power supply
i5 2500K
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
gigabyte motherboard z68x
2X 23.6 monitors 1080 (curtis tv and asus)

The asus monitor is the new hook up and until this point I've never had the issue. Please help. Thanks
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  1. Have you tried using the new monitor on its own, and see if it may be the monitor itself rather than in combination?
  2. No I had not tried that. Thanks for the idea. I'll let you know
  3. After trying out the proposed idea, there was no lag to speak of. So what does that mean?
  4. I don't know, I am pretty sure that the has at least 1gb if not 2gb of ram on it. Meaning that it has enough ram to support both screens no problem. Have you downloaded the latest drivers and custom installed them to run as a "clean install'?
  5. Checking my nvidia control panel, I am showing that I have the latest updates. Would you recommend that I uninstall and reinstall?
  6. Yeah you can never go wrong with that, when it prompts you choose custom and there is a tiny box that reads clean install. Check mark it and let it run its course
  7. To note, after hooking back up both of my monitors the lag issue started again.
  8. Simple things to check and I am pretty sure you have it set right, but check to see if both of them are running the same resolution, maybe switch them around and make the new monitor your main or vise versa.
  9. I have switched the monitors around with no avail; however, I have not tried lowering the resolution. I'll let you know how it goes, I'm working on the drivers now to make sure I get a proper uninstall.
  10. Thats all I have, the card is more than strong enough to operate two monitors. Especially for watching videos.
  11. Do you think it might be the fact that the curtis is actually a television?
  12. what size is the curtis?
  13. either 23 or 23.6 inches
  14. sorry answered my own question, and I am not sure. I wish someone else would come into this thread to help out, because I am out of ideas :(
  15. does this necessarily have to be a graphics issue or do you think this could be another issue entirely?
  16. not a problem at all, I appreciate the help anyways
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