SATA III SSD and Level 10 GT case

Quick question for anyone that may have an idea...I am building a new machine, and went with the ThermalTake level 10 GT case. The hot swappable drives are already pre wired but with a SATA II connection, but my system drive is a SATA III 6gbs drive. My mobo has SATA III connections but not attached to the hot swap area.

What have others done to by pass this. Did they mount the HD someplace else? Did they just not plug in that hot swap tray and simply route a cable to the 6gbs SATA III slot on the mobo? I want to find as elegant solution as possible.
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  1. If you're referring to a hard drive (not a SSD), mechanical drives don't come close to saturating the bandwidth of SATA II. There's no need to not use your hot swap bays for a HDD.
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