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My graphics card (Gigabyte Windforce 3X GTX 670) is stuck with my power cables ( I have an HX750 from Corsair which is modular ); I would like to remove it and replace it with a GTX 770/780 when it comes out and I wouldn't be playing any games until then (too busy). I wouldn't be able to do that because the power cables don't match up with each other unless I buy another HX/TX series psu! What do I do? How can I remove the power cables to the card? It's been taking me alot of strength in attempting to remove the power cable from the card. I also used the prong thingy to "unlatch" the connector(s) but it isn't making it much easier. Are 6pin/8pin power cables usually this hard to remove? Thank you.
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  1. Not really that hard. is the latch kind of stuck behind the actual green board?
  2. you could try to gently use a small pair of need-nose pliers to give you a little more torque possibly to pull it out, but not wiggle it out.
  3. okay thanks for the advice. I am going to try this out the first thing in the morning the needle torque technique
  4. just gently though, so that you don't damage the power connector ports on the card.
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