Will this psu be enough for my system?

I'm looking for a new PSU for my pc, is not such a high end computer so I bought a corsair CX430 Power supply, but I aquired a radeon 5770 from my job and I want to load it to my system, I did some research and found it needs 34A in the 12v rail and the PSU only has 31A, so I want to ask if it will be able to told my pc? or maybe I got bad information and it can work with this PSU?

here's my system

AMD phenom 9650
4gb ram ddr2
biostar a760g m2+

that's all I have loaded, oh and my Hard drive as well.

is that enough or do I need a larger psu? if that's the case, the corsair cx500 be enough?. thank you for your answers
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  1. I don't know who told you the HD 5770 requires 34A at +12v, but they are wrong. The HD 5770 maxes out at ~100W. That relates to 8.3A on the +12V rail.
    Your Phenom is a 95W CPU. That's about 8A at +12v. The Corsair 430W PSU would be quite adequate if you don't have a lot of other power hungry devices connected to the PC.
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