New PC wont boot, faint squeak from PSU?

Just got my new Mobo and PSU that I RMA'd and this time, when I press the power button, I get a small and faint squeak sound from the PSU, but nothing powers up at all. No lights, fans, or beeps.

Anyone know what the problem may be?

PSU I am using is
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  1. Is it in the case?

    Are you sure everything is connected properly?
  2. Everything is connected, already followed the troubleshooting guide, small pop sound still happens.
  3. Is it in the case? Could be grounding out.
  4. Yes, the PSU was in the case. Tried it facing up as well as facing down.
  5. I don't think that the PSU is grounding out, I am thinking that one of the motherboard solder points is grounding out on the case.

    I'd check your brass mounting standoffs to make sure they are all tight and then check the board to see if any solder points are touching or are close to touching metal, especially where the power connects. If so, electrical tape does wonders.

    Did you assemble the MB, CPU, GPU and Memory outside the case as the guide specified?
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