Which GPU should I upgrade to?

Currently I have a MSI GTX560 Ti N560GTX-TI OC D5 1GB Twin Frozr 2

I'm looking for an upgrade for my GPU.

I can get any graphic card that's + $200 of this.

Which GPU/brand do you recommend for gaming?

I have 2500k on Asrock Z68 ex3 gen3.
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  1. Get the GTX 670 :), but if you game @ 1080p then i dont see the point of upgrading :), rather get an SSD (if you dont have one :D)
  2. the 670 is a bad buy as the 7970 outperforms it and is very close in price.

    I wouldn't upgrade yet, but if your looking around 200 may find a 7870 close to that
  3. +1 to crisan on the GTX670 recommendation and er... -1 to unksol. The 7970 does indeed get more frames/sec on average, but by 5% or less (more in AMD-friendly games, less in nVidia-friendly games of course). Even at 5%, that's the difference between 30fps and 31.5fps.

    The 7870 is a bad recommendation because you won't be seeing a huge gain over what you have. Obviously it depends on what you consider a worthwhile upgrade, but I'd personally be shooting for a 50% gain (enough to turn 25fps into 37fps). For that kind of improvement, GTX670 is definitely the way to go.
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