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GPU 100% Activity at Idle

Hello forum, since yesterday my Sapphire HD6850 1Gig has been running at 100% activity when idle, its temp is at 72degC and the memory and gpu clocks are running as if under load, normal running temp when idle is around 35-40 and when playing games never above 65C.

Is this the card failing or something making it run this way, done virus scans and so forth its totally clean removed it and replaced back in and still persists.

Heres a screenshot to examine.

Hope you can help.
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  1. Did you try updating the CCC?
    Also look for an bios update.
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    I'm having the same problem when my PC wakes up from sleep. Restarting fixes it for me.
    I have researched the problem a bit, and I think that it's a bug in the drivers.
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  4. Doing a system restore solved this problem, I thought t maybe a driver issue.

    Cheers for looking folks
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