Dell optiplex 745 mini tower

i have dell optiplex 745 mini tower.
spec as follow:
core 2 duo e6600
3gb ram
asus en 210 silent 1gb ddr3 graphic card
i want to play crysis at max settings as well as BF3 if possible but with such graphic card it is not possible.
tell me what should i do?
what graphic card should i have?
what upgrade should i do and what i can?
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  1. Get a HD 7850 $240 if you have less than 1080p resolution, if you have 1080p get a HD 7950 $ 310 or HD 7970 $420 card.
    You also need to upgrade your processor, get a used core 2 quad at about $100
    Just make sure that these cards fit into your case because they are pretty long cards.
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