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Asrock Z77 Extreme6 Worth it over the Extreme4? (Or another brand?)

Typically there is about a $30-$40 price difference between these two boards. Is the Extreme6 worth it over the Extreme4?
Also, the size of the Extreme4 really bothers me. According to the specs, it is smaller than a normal ATX board. Some of the reviews say that it does not feel very sturdy in the case because of this.

Also, are these Asrocks even the best choice? I read an article that reviewed 6 or so basic Z77 boards on Tom's, but in the end it basically just gave a few that were basically equal to each other. Does anyone have any suggestions?

This board is for an i5-3570k which I will probably be overclocking some time in the future. I may also crossfire at some point in time. I do not want to spend more than $150, but if it is really worth it I will.
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    I would just get the extreme4 . Its an excellent board for overclocking and i dont see any point in getting the extreme6
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