VGA chip dry joint

I have Asus ENGT240 graphic card. It fails sometimes. Computer restarts sometimes or it wont come to the post screen.
Strange thing is theses problems comes only on rainy days :o
I am thinking may be the VGA chip joint has become dry. just a guess.....
I open up the heat sink and applied thermal paste and still problem continues on rainy days :pt1cable:
regards :hello:
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    I doubt it has little at all to do with a rainy day.
    In any case you may be right about a dry solder joint. To fix this you would have to strip the cooler off the card and run a heat gun over the Gpu chip about five inches away in a circular motion around the GPU no more than 20 seconds a pass, do this about four or five times, then let it cool for fifteen to twenty minuets before putting new thermal paste on the gpu die and then the cooler see if it fixes it.
    The cause may be your power supply unit though inside the pc.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply weaselman. I recently changed the power supply, so it couldn't be the problem. I will try the heat gun and let you know if it works.
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