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I Connected two connection on my computer. One is LAN connection that is my Office network connection, and another one is USB Wireless device. I was using those two connection on the same computer. Now i office Network admin came and changed the Setting from the LAN Propertied. he removed the default gateway of my server IP address from DNS Server and he gave that ip address to the Default gateway in the LAN Propertied tab. After which i cannot access the wireless. If i change to ip address to the DNS Server my wireless is working... Can you please explain me what is DNS Server and Default gateway..... Also i want to know the diffrence between that....

I know it is a silly question that i asked you guys.... But the thing is really want to have a knowledge on the network that's why i asked this question....

Please help me....

Thanks in advance for helping me...
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  1. Name servers have information tables that allow them to resolve urls (people friendly internet addresses) into IP addresses. Look HERE and type in amazon.com and you will see the associated Ip address of Way easier than trying to remember the IP address for every site you use.

    Gateways are usually routers that connect one network to another -- often an internal network to the Internet. When your computer sends packets to an address that is not in your local routing table, they get sent to the gateway address. Think of it like telling your brother to go to the store, the store is not one of the rooms in the house, so he walks out the front door (the gateway).

    Your best bet to learn about networks is to start reading on the subject.
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