GTX 570 Monitor and TV


My pc has the following card

It is currently connected to my monitor via DisplayPort, now i want to connect my pc to my TV.
My question is if i connect the card to the tv using hdmi will i be able to have cloned display on the monitor and tv?

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  1. yes you can use your tv as a second monitor and you can choose to duplicate the display.
  2. Connect the tv via hdmi, right click on your monitor, goto resolution and choose the way you want it (clone or extended desktop).
  3. Thanks,
    Do i also need to connect the sound from the pc or does hdmi transfers it all?
  4. the sound should work with hdmi alone.
  5. str8cuse said:
    the sound should work with hdmi alone.

    But only, if the standard playback device (control panel / sound) is set to hdmi and that means your onboard sound doesn't work any longer.
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