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My son sucessfully upgraded his computer with a new graphics card, power, supply and memory. He has kindly said his sister can have the graphics card and power supply he removed if they can be used in her computer. So my first question is will they be OK in her computer? This is what she has (presario CQ5302UK):


And we have a GeForce GT 340 and 500w power supply to put in.
Do we need to disable the onboard graphics when we add the graphics card?
Will the power supply be enough?

We will ugrade her memory from 3 to 4GB, which is the maximum she can have, but will it work OK without for now, until we get the memory?

Many thanks
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  1. Yes it will in her pc.power supply is fine
  2. Onboard gpu will automaticly disable when you put gpu.
  3. The answer to all your questions is yes. The new psu/gpu combo will integrate fine into her pc. and the psu should provide adequate power for the two memory modules in addition to the graphics card
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