CPU advice for NAS/HTPC/Media Server

I just bought a Lian-Li PC-Q25 Mini-ITX case and 4 1TB drives (2 WD, 2 Seagate). I want to use this to replace my existing NAS, and also for a media server (something like Plex) and HTPC.

My requirements are:
At least 5 SATA ports, at least 1 SATA III for a SSD system drive.
CPU able to handle transcoding (mostly down conversion to iPhone formats) and HTPC playback.
Integrated graphics.
Low power/heat, this will be on 24/7.
Cost is a factor (budget around $500 for remaining parts), but I can be flexible.
I can be patient and buy things piecemeal as they go on sale.
Also: the PC-Q25 limits PSU length to 140mm and CPU Cooler to 80mm height.

Here's my thoughts, I'd like to hear recommendations for what to change:

AsRock FM2A85X-ITX (7 SATA III ports)

AMD A4-5300

Arctic Alpine 64 GT CPU cooler

FSP 400w MicroATX PSU with ATX bracket

8GB (2x4) Crucial Ballistix Tactical (low voltage, low profile)

...plus whatever 64 GB SSD is on sale.

I can't decide if the A4 has enough juice, or if I should step up to an A8. The other option would be an LGA 1155 board with a low power 35W i3 - though that may need a PCIe SATA card to get enough ports.
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  1. low voltage ram doesnt help.get this ram

    stock heatsink should be more than fine. if you want a small super low profile heatsink, this will do

    the a4 should be okay for transcoding.
  2. Thanks for the tips! Good to know the A4 will work.

    I had looked at the LH-9a (and LH-12), but they're both incompatible with the FM2A85X - capacitors block the backplate.
  3. the stock heatsink should still do the job. just that it will be louder
  4. You don't need an aftermarket cooler, specially the noctua one, there's a cheaper dual channel kit of crucial ram in newegg : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820148544
    If you get in ncix us you'll pay shipping costs.
    You can put in there the antec vp-450 it fits.
  5. if he buys a hard drive from them (which is 10 bucks cheaper for the most part), problem solved.

    get these WD red drives. server grade drives, but not server grade speed.
  6. He wants a ssd, there's the plextor m5s in microcenter or sandisk ultra plus in newegg or amazon, with 128GB capacity, for a 64GB ssd there's the ADATA Premier Pro in newegg, but i rather get a 128GB.
  7. yes i know that. but for a nas build, he still needs hard drives
  8. He might have already hdds, either way it's a decent build, and if the op wants a hdd, the red one is a good choice and yes he can get the ram there, it totals more than 100$, if not, get the ram in newegg and a ssd.
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