New graphics card worked perfectly for 1 the first day but not longer.

I bought a new graphics card ( Club 3D ATI RADEON HD 6950 Battlefield 3 ,2048MB 256BIT GDDR5 ,Directx11,2xminiDP, 2x DVI, HDMI, 800/5000 PCI-Exp,(CGAX-69548B), and it worked perfectly for the first day. Played all the games on ultra and so on. I shut the computer down and went to sleep. The next day i turned on my computer and my monitor didn't show any movement.. it was all black. I tried every possible solution that came to mind but none of it helped. I tired rebooting the computer, rebooting my monitor, tired changing the connections between card and monitor ( DVI ;HDMI) , put the old graphics card back and tried uninstalling the old graphics card and disabling it, changed between 3 different monitors.. None of it helped and still had the black screen..
note that my old graphics card worked and due to that , the problem seems to be in the card.. I'd need some help please..
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  1. Tell your whole info of your psu.
  2. Didn't find any spesific info but here is a link to the same model as i have:
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