Which 660 should I buy?

Right, so building my own pc soon and decided to put a 660 in it.

Yeah a 7850/7870 might be a good idea, but ill stick with my 660.

Currently, the MSI, Gigabyte and EVGA appeal to me

PNY, Palit not so much, as I haven't heard much about them

Asus is probably the best here, but out of my budget for a GPU...

I'm heading towards the MSI Twin Frozr the most.

But for some reason, even though all reviews tell me that the EVGA isnt the best, with the high temperatures due to the single fan, with there being much better cards out there, i still want the EVGA for some reason... Maybe its the looks? Maybe its their reputation? Nearly all the cards i have listed are better than it, and it isnt the cheapest here, but i still want to go ahead and buy it for some reason

Anyway which of these cards i've listed would you recommend?

The MSI and Gigabyte have the best reviews out of all of these

The Palit is the cheapest, although ive never heard of the company before
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  1. bigcyco, they don't sell those in the UK...

    Simmons, isn't 71c a little hot? what would you say is the safest max temperature for a graphics card?
  2. If space is an issue then this one


    Ive been using it for about 2 1/2 months and its an amazing card. Temps stay about 71C at full load (Tested for 8 hours) in a cramped case with not a amazing fan arrangement =p

    2nd shortest of the GTX 660s =D
  3. Thank you :p
  4. No problem.
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