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Looking for thinner 2gb Video card

I have very limited size in my PC box where the PCI express slot is and motherboard what is a good video card 6500 series and up that will fit? I am building a new one for myself but giving this to a friend that plays alot of games. Any suggestions would help.

I have already changed the power supply to a corsair 660W and the old video card 2 years ago to (PowerColor AX5770 1GBD5-H Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card)

Here is my desktop specs.


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  1. Looks like you could fit pretty much any graphics card in there...

    Whats your budget?
  2. My friend is only looking to spend $80-$150.00 trust me there is limited space where this slot clicks in from a width stand point. Thanks for your help
  3. ............ so which one can it use/push any of the 3 above you listed?

  4. you can select any of them. look at the specs and look at the profile in the pics to see if they are skinny enough.

    but the system in question will not push the cards to their potential. the rest of the hardware can't do it.
  5. hold on a minute. found out the power supply. gotta take a bit to get back to this.

    forget everything. give it to him with the card you have in it. the ones I suggested aren't better than the 5770....... lack of that extra ram he can live without.
  6. What makes this card better so I can explain it to him? How could it be better with 1 less GB of card Ram.

    Take into account this pc he is getting according to the specs is say the max RAM for the PC is 4GB so I don't think this can be expanded based on the specs link above?

    Any advice .. thanks again

  7. the processor is too slow to push any other card that's better to it's potential. some games run better with a quad core. if you want to get one of those other cards that's fine. can't remember what I was looking at that convinced me of this. perhaps some of the extra vram will be used here and there but don't expect super performance or anything any better than what the machine is already putting out.
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    Having more vram does not make a graphics card more powerful. If the gpu is too weak then you just have unused vram. 1GB is enough for high at 1080p, only a few top end games maxed like bf3 will need more or if you have a multi monitor setup. Neither of these gpus are even near the power you need for that. Many low ends cards have more vram to trick people like you who think more vram means more performance. The 5770 is ~50% better than the 640.

    It says the max ram is 4gb simply because the pc came out before 4 gb sticks were available. It should have no issue upgrading to more ram but 4gb should be enough with that gpu and cpu.

    BTW the case can handle full sized, multi slot cards unless you have something in the x1 slots. HP has been using that case for just about all of their mid towers for the past couple of years and still uses them for their current pcs. So it's pretty common to have topics made about it here.
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  10. WOW you are awesome thank you for your help!

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