MSI Radeon HD 4350 1gb?

Hey I'm building a pc to play games on steam and the occasional mmo, i got a low budget and this card comes with a barebones kit any opinions on it?

Barebone kit:
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  1. It is very old and not good.tell your budget and your system specs
  2. well, its everything in the link plus my old hdd and optical drive

    Ive been able to get the cost down to $315 my max is about $400, I don't wanna go over that.
  3. Just one question.are you going to play new games at high graphics?how strong you want your pc.
  4. my monitor can go up to 1080p, i'll have an amd fx-4100, 8gb ram
    I'm not lookin to play bf3, or any real AAA titles, games more like minecraft, trouble in terrorist town, and maybe guild wars 2 or wow will be the heaviest game i play
  5. Do not get not good for should get fx 8350 or fx 8320.
  6. The HD4350 is a very entry level GPU that is not suitable for gaming (beyond the lowest possible settings and even then it will perform dismally). Staying with the FX-4100 will be fine as long as you get something like an HD6570 (or higher GPU).
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