MSI R6950 Twin Frozr ii

Hello, I've just bought a MSI R6950 Twin Frozr ii, a discount left over from my local dealer. It runs very smooth, but I wonder if I'm able to unlock the shaders to the 6970-level. RBE gives the possibility free, but I've got no BIOS-switch om my card (the spot where it should be is empty). So flashing my re-saved BIOS will be risky or don't work at all.

Just overclocking is also a challenge, because the limits are 840/1325 (stock is 800/1250). In CCC, EVGA and Afterburner the voltage cannnot be changed.

So who owns also a MSI R6950 Twin Frozr ii without a BIOS-switch (late model I suppose) and managed to unlock and/or overclocked it beyond the limits? I'm very interested in the results.
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  1. you can try flashing it using the bubble gum method.almost all of the flashes end up being successful.(see tutorial in tech power up) (go the the last page of the forum link)

    even if you end up being unsuccessful you can always boot using on board graphics if you have one or else if you can find a friend of yours who does and re flash it again to the default one.

    none the less i don't really see a point of taking so much pain as well as the risk of voiding the warranty just for the gain of a few fps.
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