7950 - not powerful enough for Civ V?

Is the HD 7950 @ 1020MHz core really not beefy enough to run Civ V at max? On a giant earth map (modded) and with 4xMSAA, I get around 60fps with a still, zoomed in image. If I move my camera around Africa zoomed out I nearly get dips to high 30s.

Damn, this game is really demanding. Perhaps it is my CPU?
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  1. From what I understand the game is CPU heavy, could possably be the CPU, but then again I could be wrong, your i5 is OC pretty high and should eliminate any bottle necking. Try changing the drivers.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    The drivers are the latest 12.11 beta from AMD's website, which I installed upon getting the card two days ago. I am not sure whether 12.10 would be more up for the task.

    On a side note, Skyrim with ENB isn't exactly running like butter either, but I hear it's due to the very aggressive SSAO.
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