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I just built a PC for a friend, with a 40 GByte Maxtor hard drive. It's a dual-boot Win98SE/WinXP system. He also asked me to transfer the hard drive from his old computer to the new machine. The old hard drive - which isn't actually all that old - is a 30 GByte Maxtor, partitioned into three 10-GByte FAT partitions.

When I transferred the old hard drive today, and booted up in XP, everything was fine - all three partitions were accessible. However, in Win98SE, the second hard drive isn't visible at all. It's jumpered as a slave on the primary IDE channel, and it's showing up correctly in the bios.

Any ideas?
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  1. Could be because you partitioned the XP drive in an NTFS filesystem. The NTFS is un-readable by any OS other then NT, 2000, and XP.

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  2. I don't think I made my partitions clear in my first post!

    The 40-Gbyte drive (the master) has - at the moment - two 10-Gbyte partitions for the two OSs. Win98SE is on C, which is a FAT partition, and XP is on the other partition, which is NTFS. The rest is unpartitioned space at present. The 30-GByte slave drive has three 10-Gbyte partitions, all of which are FAT. This second disk is from my friend's old computer. All I did was change the jumper setting to slave and bung it in the new machine, so it still has all the files from his old machine on it.

    In XP, I can see all five partitions. In Win98, I can see C (obviously!), and not the XP partition (as I expected). However, Win98 doesn't seem to know about the second disk - it's not listed in Device Manager at all - although the fact that it's all present and correct in XP suggests that the hardware setup is OK.

  3. In Win98 SE what does it show for the second drive in Fdisk? Just goto run and type fdisk.

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  4. try installing Motherboard's IDE Drivers under Windows XP. Also, check for DMA Support under Win98 (if checked, disable and restart, see if it works).

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