Testing of new PC build?

Hello, I just built my first gaming rig yesterday. So far, I have installed planetside 2 and skyrim on it. It runs both on the highest possible settings beautifully. I am just wondering exactly how well it can perform above and beyond planetside 2 and skyrim.

Also, are there any programs or anything I should download that will make sure that everything is working correctly, It seems everything is perfectly fine, but it has only been up and running for a day.
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  1. Until there is a noticeable problem, don't worry about a thing.
  2. There is stress testing software , but as far as I can see it just burns electricity and tells you if it can make your pc overheat .

    If you want a game to challenge your hardware then Metro 2033 , the original Crysis , BF3 , and Crysis 2 with the HiRes and textures pack installed
  3. And FRAPs
    will tell you how many fps your gaming is making and let you record game play
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