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GPU not showing expected performance


I just built my own PC. My graphic card is gtx 660 ti and my cpu is i5-3570k.

From what I read online, this card should have a min fps of 55-61 in skyrim maxed out, 1920x1080.

I am getting no less than 60 fps in my gameplay (I can't see more than 60 since I use fraps). But during the first time I enter helgen font, when the rocks fell down and there was smokes everywhere, I reached a fps that's as low as 35!

Therefore I am suspecting that my gpu is not performing as well as it should. I have the latest driver installed for my gpu and I'm not sure what else I should be looking at to optimize the performance my gpu.

or is my gpu defected?

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  1. There are several spots in skyrim where you fps will dip.Those areas are cpu bound.One notorious area is markath.Looking down from the waterfall region.You can't do anything.OC cpu may help.All the online skyrim benchmark is done in whiterun or just outside whiterun.And also install all patches.Did you install mods?
  2. Did only mod I have is dawnguard, also I have the 11th update.

    So It is normal for skyrim to lag you up in certain spots?
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    Yes its normal.And you got the pirated copy of skyrim.xD
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