$500 amd build. vishera, phenom?

I'm aiming to build a cheap $500 build meant for starcraft 2 and surfing the internet. I wont really play anything else. Since I live in Hawaii, I can't take advantage of any newegg sales because they only have one shipping option, which is $50 2 day air, and that just ruins the budget. My res is 1920x1080 and I plan to play on high-ultra with at least 50fps and I want 60+. Everything must be from amazon, or another free shipping website. The specs that I'm looking at are:
Phenom iix4 965 ($100)
8gb ram from the cheapest possible ($50)
Sapphire 7770 ($115)
CM 212 ($30)
Unsure of PSU, looking at the cx500.
Already have case, and hdd.

I want to overclock the phenom hard, which is im getting the cm 212. I'm unsure of the mobo, but I've heard some good things about the gigabyte one. maybe some other recommendations for the mobo? I'm set on having the 7770 unless you guys can change my mind. And for the psu, im not sure how much wattage im gonna need if I plan to overclock. I was thinking of the cx500, but maybe there are better psu's for the price/performance that i dont know of.

So my main question is how could I improve this build? I know that haswell is coming around the corner, and I don't know if I should make a build with such an old cpu. I'm pretty set on not having an i3 so no recommendations on an intel build with an i3 please, mainly because I want 4 cores. Should I go vishera, phenom iix4, or maybe something else you guys can recommend?
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  1. AMD FX-6300 for sure.
  2. is the am3+ socket dead or will steamroller be on am3+?

    Edit: I found out that it is not dead. Is the extra $30 worth it for the fx6300 over the phenom?
  3. Yes, I think the FX6300 is worth it. You could downgrade the mobo a bit if necessary. Most of all you need to upgrade the GPU to at least a 7850 maybe even 7870 IMO. 7770 is definitely inadequate for full HD high-ultra.
  4. I've seen a couple of benchmarks that the 7770 is sufficient for high-ultra on fullHD. Could you show me some benchmarks where I'm proven wrong?
  5. Well that depends on what you deem sufficient. I don't think 30-ish fps is sufficient in most games. Also, I think it does less than 20 fps in demanding games like Metro for example.
  6. hmm, well I think I'm still going to keep the 7770 in the build just because I can always play on low settings if I really wanted too b/c its easier to see units anyways with low settings on in sc2. Now I just have one question, which motherboard should I get? I eventually want to upgrade to steamroller when it comes out, and when it does, I want a good mobo to support overclocking on it. I've heard different things about gigabyte, asus, and asrock boards, but I'm not sure which one I should get.
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