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Hi Team.

For the past few months my internet connection has become very unstable, Sometimes it will drop out after 10minutes and sometimes not for hours. The only temporary solution i have found is to reset my adsl modem. I have tried the cmd commands netstat /release and netstat /renew with no luck. What could my problem be? Incorrect settings? Bad telephone lines?

Some more detail...

-Dlink dsl-502t is connected to my wireless router Asus wl-520gu (tomato firmware) using dmz, it states IP address
-On adsl router. Nat is enabled, IP is controlled dynamically and DHCP is enabled using the range from to
-On wireless router WAN internet type is set to DHCP and the DHCP server ranges from
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  1. Sure, it could be your dsl line.

    But my first question is why you are using two different internal LANs and two DHCP services? Seems at first glance like you should either use the D-Link DHCP service, which is apparently gateway (with a subnet mask, so a /24 network with 254 addresses available), or turn of the DLink service and use that in the ASUS router, but use the same network for the two devices.

    Unless you need advanced settings that the ASUS allows, probably simplest to let the DLink provide DHCP, turn it off in the ASUS, allow the DLink to assign addresses - and give the ASUS a static address of If you do need the ASUS settings, then do without DHCP in the D-Link.

    Note: while the DLink manual uses an A class subnet mask in its home LAN example,, that makes no sense for a small home network, as you don't need the capacity for 16.7 million devices.
  2. Thanks for your reply Realbeast.

    That is a good question, one i will have to ask my older brother who set it up initially.
    I have been trying to use your simple approach, letting dlink assign the DHCP service and assigning asus with a static ip, but I'm going to need more help.

    I assigned the addresses - to dlink, and on asus i set the WAN type as static, ip:, sub: and gateway

    Hmmm... :??:
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    No, the gateway and static addresses can't be in the dhcp assignment range. Also you should be using a subnet mask of for your class C network -- it allows the use of 254 addresses, and # 255 is for broadcasts. Your use of allows for too many addresses and may slow down your network.

    So, allow the DLink to assign addresses - and give the ASUS a static address of and make the gateway (and DLink address)
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