System Freeze With greyish lines covering whole screen ,and increasing fan speed


I have a HP Notebook g6 1004 tx (Product Number : LN388PA#ACJ) , and am recently facing system freeze after every two days or so . The freeze happens randomly any time , even with no program running OR with some browser open.And suddenly the whole screen is covered with moving greyish lines which hide anything behind , and nothing is visible except them. Simultaneously the fan starts running faster (as noticed with increasing noise) .I have no option then but to simply close it by the power button.I suspect it to be some graphics related problem ... , Can somebody please point out me in the right direction as to what steps to take now ?
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  1. ^^ I have an ATI Radeon HD 6470M 1GB Graphics Card
  2. Contact HP and do a Bios update while your at it.
  3. mc_creeper said:
    Contact HP and do a Bios update while your at it.

    Actually it is out of warranty , so I cannot contact HP , though i will try the BIOS update . Till now , I have done a AMD Driver update .
  4. I am using power saver mode (which uses Intel Graphics) now ,so I am not facing any problem ... , therefore it seems that the problem is with the graphics card , any idea what could be done to detect and correct the problem in the graphics card ??
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