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I have this really annoying problem. A couple of days ago, while I was turning on my PC i noticed that there is no picture on my monitor. I connected the AVG cable to the onboard graphics and i got a picture on my monitor.

So, then I realized my graphics card is not working....BUT....the day after that I turned on my PC and my onboard graphics was not working and my ATI HD 6670 was working...

And now the onboard works again and my ATI doesnt :(

What I know so far :

1. The PSU has enough power.

2. The GPU fan is spinning at normal speed.

3. PCI is selected as first in BIOS.

Any help would be great guys, this is really annoying , while playing games I have maximum 5 fps....
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  1. Try reseating your gpu.

    edit - with the power disconnected.
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