Is my GPU too hot?

So I recently bought a asus radeon hd 7850 and it is saying when I play far cry 3 that it was reaching 42-44 degrees celcius which is like 100-105 farenheit. Is this too high and if so is there something I can do to help?
thanks for your advice as always.
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  1. no gpu temps can safely go into the 90s*c
  2. Graphics cards can operate with sustained temps around 100, celsius. Running it that hot isn't advised, but your temps are plenty safe.
  3. I was wondering because I had my computer lock up with a black screen and lines through it while playing far cry 3 twice now. This never has never happened anywhere except on the game and I don't know if its the graphics card which is brand new. I have to hard restart when it happens.
  4. Far Cry 3 is a game that will tax your GPU, But 42-44 degrees is VERY low for a GPU running a load. Try Updating The Catalyst Control Center, due to the fact that Far Cry 3 is a very new game and it may have some bugs that will be fixed by newer graphic drivers.
  5. Yeah another thing is that I tried downloading the latest Catalyst drivers and right as it tries to finish installing it crashes my computer and gives me a blue screen. I have tried like 5 times with the same result any ideas why?
  6. If its new. It maybe be broken
    You get crashes in Far Cry3 only?

    Check your temps through MSI Afterburner.
  7. My temps on the CPU and GPU are pretty low 40-50 during game play. But the only game I have tried besides far cry 3 is League of legends and it never has crashed yet.
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