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The short of it is that my mobility radeon hd 5870 in my G73jh is most definitely on it's way out. I don't really have the money at the moment to buy another one and happened to come across baking the card as a possible fix or at the least extend the cards' life because I have school starting on the 7th.

I looked up some guides and stuff but I really know very little about this kind of thing and was wondering if someone could clear some things up for me. The guides mention taking things off the card, I do know what the heat sink is but do I also need to take off anything else? Do I need to "repaste" after doing this? Any information would be appreciated. :)
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  1. Hello, I 'm not sure if you laptop is still good. But here is a good way that I've personally used to fix that problem.
    Follow Chastity's instructions from that forum.
    Always format with Fat32 when updating your vBIOS and remember to update your BIOS before starting and remember to also use a flash drive formatted with fat32 when updating your BIOS as well. Not following these steps with make things only worse.
    That is another link with a similar feel and a video to help you out.
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