What psu for a 7950?

im doing a new build with either a 7870 or a 7950 depending on how much i can get so i want the psu to be able to run the 7950. Would the xfx 550w be enough for my system? If not what should i get? i dont really want to spend more then £50-£55 ($75-$85) on the psi.

i will be getting either a 3470 or a 3570k depending on weather i want to overclock or not.
i will not be doing crossfire if i want to upgrade in the future i will just upgrade the card. Because im not doing crossfire is it worth getting an m-atx board?

thanks for any replies.
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  1. The XFX 550w would run that system just fine. It has a 44A single rail and is considered a well build unit. I would not have any reserve rations in using it.

    XFX PSU's are made by Seasonic, which is a very good OEM.
  2. thanks. do you think since im not going to do crossfire/sli that its worth saving some money and getting an m-atx board?
  3. I agree, the XFX 550 is a good power supply.

    If you don't need the extra PCIe slots, microATX will work just fine.
  4. ok thanks for the advice i think im going to get a 3470 and a 7950 with the xfx 550w :)
  5. It is up to you. I shop for motherboards based on features and cost.
  6. i think im gona get an MSI Z77A-G45 instead of an m-atx
  7. No need to get a Z77 motherboard if you don't have a K CPU. Get a cheaper H77 motherboard like these

    ASRock H77 Pro4/MVP
    Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H
    MSI H77MA-G43

    But it's up to you.
  8. As said above you can save a few bucks if you get an H77 motherboards. If you aren't planning to overclock it should suit you just fine. H77 DOES support SRT. see the wiki page below for the main features of each chipset.
  9. Oops, my bad. Apparently it does. It's Z75 that doesn't support it. Thanks jay2tall :)
  10. thanks guy i should have mentioned that im probs gona get a 3570k thats why i was getting the msi board if i overclock my cpu will the psu still be fine?
  11. Yes. that PSU should be just fine. It is of the higher end 550W PSU. Really the only ones that would be better are a gold certified 550W from Seasonic or someone else.
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