What am I better off doing?

Okay so I have about £280 give or take to spend on building a new PC. Here is what I could come up with and what would be the better option?

I will be upgrading the 8800GTS OC at a later date to something a lot better.

Option 1:

Intel core i5 3570k
8GB DDR3 1600mhz corsair vengeance
8800GTS OC version...

Option 2:

AMD 8350
16GB DDR3 1600mhz corsair vengeance
8800GTS OC version

Option 3:

AMD 6300
4GB DDR3 1600mhz
Sapphire 7770 GHz edition.

Which of the above 3 options am I better off going for... Take into consideration, I need it to be future proof and good at playing games... would it be better going straight for the better gaming option or the more all round solution that won't be as good at gaming to start with but will be in the next two months. What would you do. Thanks in advance!
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  1. 1st one. ever since Intel came out with the 775 processor they have been faster than AMD......... regardless of proclaimed clock speed.
  2. Alright, so I'd be better off with the 8800GTS OC and then upgrade when I can afford too?
  3. Chances are either system you go with the 8800GTS is going to hold you back. What are your plans to replace this card? To be honest, if you are looking to keep your budget down, I would go the the FX6300. Intel really doesn't have a chip that directly competes with it. The FX 8350 will be bested by basically any higher end i5 so I wouldn't suggest that. However, in my opinion an i5 would be a waste if your plan is gaming and you are not getting a decent gaming card to go with it.

    What card were you looking at purchasing and when? If you are limited by your budget, I'd probably go with an FX-6300 and keep your 8800GTS and get the best card you can get when you are ready. The 7770 is an ok card and would definitely outperform the 8800, but if you can hold out and get a 7850 or GTX660 you would be far better off.
  4. 8800gts is crap.... you didn't say which one (series) you had or provided any other information about your existing system or usage... )

    but the choices between 3 builds listed........ 1st one all the way.
  5. Since your using this for games, I would suggest the fx-6300 with better graphics card
  6. My current system is useless, it just about runs minecraft on lowest. Thanks jay2tall, helpful. I could always upgrade the 6300 to the 8350 at a later date also, right? GTX660 is a good graphics card and I'm definitely considering your option. If I went for the i5, I would be getting the 7770 maybe 2 months later... maybe even longer
  7. Yes you can always upgrade the FX6300 if you wanted to, however, chances are you will want to put your money into a decent graphics card rather than better CPU. The i5 is the better performer in terms of CPU, however, an i5 will not do you any good if you don't have the funds to throw a good graphics card at it.

    An FX6300 with a GTX660 would run any modern game at pretty decent settings. An i5 with a 7770 would be a real disappointment for the money you paid for the CPU.

    On a flip side, you could always go with an i3, which would run about the same cost as an FX6300. This would give you an upgrade path to an i5, but the 6300 does better than an i3 in multithreaded applications and games, and runs very similar or slightly under an i3 in single threaded apps. People could argue both sides of this. In either case I'd suggest putting your money where it counts, into a graphics card.
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